Peaking power plant

The complex of the Peaking power plant No. 1 fits elegantly into the industrial zone "scenery" of the Prostějov city. The chimney and the big-box buildings render their construction to continue the existing adjacent industrial areas seamlessly. Despite the construction of an industrial nature, its conception of natural colors (green, cream) and numerous vegetation (trees and grasses) makes the plant site different from the industrial buildings with visually excessive technical elements.

Basic Characteristics

Peaking power plant No. 1 serves as an electrical power source with natural gas combustion turbine, with the help of which it offers support services to the provider of the transmission system (ČEPS, a.s.). The use of natural gas as an environmentally friendly fuel along with other technological means and processes allows to reduce the emissions significantly. Therefore, the effect of our Peaking power plant on the environment is negligible.

Safety, efficiency and ecology

The primary means for generating electric power is a highly efficient and sophisticated industrial version of the Rolls-Royce (currently Siemens) combustion turbine (aero derivative), which drives an electric generator. The combustion turbine is equipped with an active catalyst and special technology to significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. Because of this, we belong to the group of energy sources generating from non-renewable resources with the lowest emissions of greenhouse gases.

We are among the so-called non-rotating reserves, which normally have zero greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, TZL, sulfur, NOX, CO, mercury, etc.), which is in line with the EU's green deal. Thus, these power sources work and generate pollute only for as long as the electricity transmission system needs them, that is, only when it is really absolutely necessary. In terms of EU objectives, it is a kind of green resource.

An integral part of the power generation of the Peaking power plant No. 1 is chemical water treatment that demineralizes water in a ecologically friendly way. Such treated water then contributes to the significant reduction of pollutants produced during the power generation process. Besides that, the chemical water treatment facility serves also for monitoring of the drain water quality, enabling us to maintain a high and consistent quality level of discharged wastewater.

Power output from the electric generator is led through a block transformer which is equipped with the latest safety features. The actual electrical power lines connected into transmission system as well as the natural gas connection are laid in the ground so they could not impair the surrounding landscape in any way.

The power generation process includes a number of other technologies, which also contribute to the effectiveness and safety of the overall power plant operation. In general we can say that the Peaking power plant No. 1 meets the latest trends in power industry with the most efficient method of power generation using the latest features and technologies.