Gama Investment, s.r.o.

Our company operates in the Czech Republic. We run Peaking power plant with a nominal output of 58 MWe, consisting of the most advanced Rolls-Royce combustion turbine and other technologies from the world's leading suppliers of power equipment and systems. Our power plant is located in the industrial zone of the Prostějov city. Bringing electric power into the local distribution system is implemented through a 110 kVe connection. To produce the electricity we use only natural gas, ecological fuel of modern power industry. We focus primarily on providing support services for the operator of Czech energy transmission system (ČEPS, a.s.).

Grid stabilization

We contribute significantly to the stabilization of power transmission system of the Czech Republic and the local distribution system.


Our goal is to ensure continuous, safe and reliable supply of electricity. It is also our intention to expand current operation by more power units and offer additional services to our existing or future partners.